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Mortgage Calculators

There are many lending institutions that offer a variety of mortgage products. Financing options and rates can vary widely, so it is important to do your research and shop around to ensure you get the mortgage that best meets your needs.

We would be happy to refer you to some very good mortgage contacts we have worked with here in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Selecting any of the links below will take you away from our web site. The accuracy of these calculators and their applicability
to your circumstances are not guaranteed. You should obtain advice from a qualified professional before relying on them.

What Will My Mortgage Payment Be? (PITI)

Use this calculator to determine your monthly mortgage payment for any loan amount. You can also generate an amortization schedule.

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How Much Home Can I Afford?

Use this calculator to determine the sales price of a home given the monthly amount you want to pay for your mortgage.

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Which Is Better When Comparing Two Loans Side By Side?

Use this calculator to determine which loan provides you with the best value.

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Do I Want A Fixed Or Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Use this calculator to compare a fixed rate mortgage with both fully amortizing and interest-only adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs).

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Should I Pay Discount Points For A Lower Interest Rate?

Use this calculator to determine how much interest you can save by increasing your mortgage payment.

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